Give it to you straight, no frills
What I think might pay the bills
Spit on the cam like Makaveli (f**k y’all)
Came home in the 2011
Pasadena, John calling me Relly
Ain’t know where none of this sh*t was headed (I ain’t even know)
In a LAC, Nak gon’ protect me
Bro just crashed, f**ked up his Dodge
Now he shopping for another HEMI (Escape from Rock, I wrecked the wheel)
Did the dash, got outta dodge
Crashed out grandmama car
They got tipped off by a civilian (Yes sir)
Yes sir, think I already feel it
Sweatshirt, ’cause you know how revenge is best served
Cold dish (Pressure cookin’ roast)
No assist, I’m out here on a mission
Triple doublin’ off of the strips
Get ghost like I need a killer
Get ghost like a apparition
Home town hold me down like a rock
So you know how I gotta skip it (Skip, skip it)
So you know just how we living
Took it slow, saw what it could give me
Hit the road, go a mile a minute
Mask on like a supervillain
Daniel, who you in the den with? Lion
Wasn’t lying when I told
Dawg’s on the floor now ’cause I skinned ’em
On the 10, east homebound
I just broke down with the chemist (Yeah)