I’ve been seeing faces in my dreams
I’ve been seeing faces and places in my dreams

I don’t know what it really means

Yeah I got the moolah, but I keep it cooler

Try to keep my dreams weep free, but I got a PC decked out

Man I’m living

Yeah I got a server too

Yeah I’m living goodYeah I waste hours and hours upon hours on my PC

Doing things that keep me from losing my shit, but its okay

Sometimes I forget to eat, is that okay?

I don’t think, no way

That’s not a good thing to say but…

I’ve been dreaming of faces lately

And I don’t know what they mean to meI want to go to space, go to space

I just want nothing around, nothing around

Just me in space

But the closest seems to be living in the woods alone

Far from еvery home I’ve еver know

Maybe I could finally get some good sleep in the stars

Looking up where I actually want to be, but I will never be there

Yeah I got a planet in a cool chair

Ring around the rosie

But I want a ring on the rings of Saturn

But I don’t know, does it even matter?

We will never ever get thereMaybe we will, but if humanity keeps going the way it does

Then I don’t know

Can’t even give any hugs

Unless you know them, pretty wellI’ve been dream of space

I’ve been seeing a face

Not sure what that means

I’m going, I’m going

Running running running from this space

Oh oh, peace out