Trashh Kane – Idle Story I (The Bottom Of The Brim) Lyrics


Verse 1:
I hail from the bottom, yea I’m kinda trash
A lowclass stoner rolling with some paper stash
I went to school and dashed, from the season of the wrist cuffs
Wesson on the deck, was racing for these racks and big bucks
Scuffing up my Reeboks, the fiends in a pandemonium
Burning slowly, Oxycontin seeking outta options
And when the thirst hit, I use to hit the corner store
No water sold there, they used to sell coke and opium
That’s why I’m anti-Bobby Boucher
Obsessed with a lotta cream and coochies
Benzo rims, St.Laurent’s and some good head
My panorama black, with black hoodies, black do-rags
I mess with no Piru sets, I ain’t a Crip, I ain’t shit
Just reppin’ up my ave shit, ash a little grayish
For the lost ones, restin’ in the gravestones
Grizzly faces, butt naked to the head bones
Still I pray for all the sins, they had committed
Cases the they all caught with it
The hittas is still hitting
Running from the law way, shooting on the regular
Trinna dodge the bullets like you’re Pratt, you’re dead etcetera, etcetera, the shots on ya!
Stickin to the script, just get a grip, two Glocks on ya
Especially when you that cat, with all the block on ya
Your closest friends they be the ones who set the plots on ya
Callin all the cops ya
I seen a lotta porn, I mean a lotta porn
A nigga fuckin other nigga life, outside the store
That’s what happens when the violence do the show up
They load the fucking gats up, and blow your fucking brains out
The bottom of the brim


Verse 2:
Back when they used to call me flowers
Pill junkie, for real money, when shit was sour
Way before Dirty Business with Young Tekken
I had this pipe dreams, I know the crown is for the taking
Raw soda for the baking
The stress steady poke, when nikkas sleeping, never waking
Barely laugh it when they joke, I skeet on wax, and leave her pregnant
Man I’ve been going place to place, just like a nomad does
Sweating pools, while y’all relaxed like yoga pose
The homies saying my shit is deeper than the Roman Odes
Fuck a comatose, I need some commas on my fluid nigga
I need some comma talk, so I can speak fluently
These stones I’m packing me got me feeling like a druid nigga
May the last be the first I’m just saying
The bible on my side, my faith strong I keep on praying
Chrome sweatshirt underlying
Way fore I catch abullet in a scene of this movie, call it bottom of the brim!


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