Trippy Luv


I’ve been moving how I want

And way too lit to function

While we’re at the function

We met in the Summer House

Feeling pretty out there

Is anybody out there?
Taking another shot

Just enough to feel a lot

I try tasting on lunar rocks

Don’t look down or you might get caught

Inside the wave

I’ve got to twist the knife

Just enough to save my life

Now we’re standing in the restaurant

Like anybody out there






This piston

Is pumping

My ripple


And this hotel

Is jello

The echo

Of my egoVERSE

Gеtting lost inside the walls

And shaky in the transport

I think I need an еscortWe go to find our room

Melting into the groove

This time the lights seem to guide us through

I know just what I want to do

And the stars above

Seem closer now

We all can’t help

But move in circles


You make it alright

It’s trippy luv