Working for Vlad


Tryna show you a good time (gang)

Im tryna show you a good time (gang)

I can read between the lines

Im tryna show you a good time

Gang, okay!
Verse 1

Im tryna show you a good time

But you wouldn’t even give me time, (no cap)

Said you love me but you really lying

So exotic finna have me flying, (no cap)

Got a rollie, but I dont got time, (time)

For that capping shit and all that crying, (crying)

We can’t make it work but I was trying, (okay!)

Saw you creeping on, when I was spying, (okay!)

Imma get the Glock and hit his spine

You can’t tame me pussy imma lion, (no cap)

If you want the smoke then get in line

Guarantee that all these niggas dying, (no cap)

Guarantee that all these niggas dead

Cause I shot to the head and I didn’t take meds (no meds)

So you know that im crazy instead (instead)

Of that talking lil bitch gimme head, (gimmie head, no cap)

Yeah my dick in her throat

If he want the smoke then he finna get poked, (yeah, yaw, okay)

Yeah 22 bullets was shot from the low

I got me a mill and you robbing the store, ( yeah, yaw, okay)

Im fuckin a queen and you fuckin a hoe

Im really for real but that nigga a troll, (gang, yaw, okay)

If I get the mac the i let the hoe blow

I see yo head flying, that shit hit yo dome, (okay, gang, okay)

Verse 2

Okay now lil nigga im getting that bag, (that bag)

You said that’s that bag that you already had, (that bag)

Boy I took yo shit, now you going out sad, (out sad)

That bitch was in uniform not talking plaid, (plaid)

This shit could get bloody so go get a pad, (pad)

I shoot up yo school like my fucking name brad, (brad)

That’s too many questions, You working for Vlad, (vlad, gang, sad)

And how many shots do I need, just a tad

Okay now you dead cause I did 3 shoots, (gang)

Boy im getting rich cause I whip in the pot (bop, bop bop bop)

I jump in the whipski like my name was snot (gang)

I jump in the bih and I let down the top (yaw yaw)

She jump on her knees and she giving me top, (okay)

If imma go viral, I bet I won’t flop (okay)

Yo bitch wanna fuck so I told her to stop (okay)

Yo nigga he mad, But I bet he get popped (Look yesssirrrskii)

No cap lil nigga, Boy yo ass finna die ( yaw, aye, yaw)

No cap lil nigga, All my shots to the sky

Tell yo momma get some tissue cause her ass finna cry

If you think you gon hit, Lil nigga you a lie ( yaw, aye, yaw)

Man that bitch ate my dick like she wanted some pie

I think I can kill you, So im finna try, ( yaw, aye, yaw)

The bany be lame but see I dont apply

Cause GXD is really from 305 ( yaw, aye, yaw)

See im from the sunshine state where it get wicked (yaw)

We making a movie, Man this is explicit ( blrrrrdd)

Yo bitch is a goody, she only be kissing ( yaw, aye, blrrrd)

Oh, So that’s yo baby, so how she go missing

If I catch a body I bet you go missing

If I piss you off then I guess we all pissing (yaw)

I would fuck yo sister, But that hoe won’t listen (nah)

And that is okay, Cause my baby be dripping (She be dripping)


My baby be dripping like she was a faucet (yaw)

Boy where is yo mind, Man I swear that you lost it (Lost it, Gang)

Yo neck turning green, Nigga what that shit costing (yaw)

My Glock got some powers, I call that shit Austin (Austin gang)

Yo shit turn to stone, so I call that shit Austin (yaw)

I was at that bottom, I turned to a boss then

Turned to a boss