[Verse 1: 4JAY]

Red like I’m cleaning, your boyfriend a lame-o

Niggas playing with my name, it ain’t a game though

Just cause you broke, that don’t mean that you bang bro

Nigga you gon’ die for the shit that you claim, you’s a hoe

I’m just saying though, nigga don’t get cocky

Do not let your niggas hype you up, you won’t rob me

Bill Cosby, pop em’ like some Oxy

Come up out the cut all red like a Taki
[Verse 2: NastyBoyAaron]

Got my own style, pussy do not try to jack it

I be in my city and I’m fucking causing havoc

If shit get too serious I reach under the mattress

Not about the tucking, bitch you do not want no static

Smoke it up, smoking drugs, rings on my fingers up

Stacking all my money up

And I am a sinner but I know you staying in the club

All that shit I be repping is that 35 Bloods

Send you underground, I can send you underground

[Verse 3: 2shanez]

[?] chop bitch then I turn you to a ghost

Big .40 on my hip, that shit turn you to some toast

Sipping on some lean, that shit got me fucking froze

Dirty in my cup, I can’t even feel my toes

Smoking on some gas, that shit got me feeling low

3500, lots of coke to the nose

Smoking pounds of gas, that shit got me feeling low