Veonity – A New Dimension Lyrics


Time for deliverance, time to save me
Time for deliverance, for my soul

Fires and destruction, horrors and despair
Humanity in pieces, the end is nigh beware
Chaos and disorder, pollution everywhere
There is no tomorrow

Time to look towards the sky and see what lies beyond
Time to fly away into space
I’ll leave the unbelievers and all the blind will see
It’s time to leave the past behind

Rise up to the challenge and hold my head up high
Fly for mankind and glory and gods
See the fear of millions slowly fade away
It’s time to leave this world behind

All alone I drift again, this time I won’t return
Into the deep unknown I go to start anew

The anger is spreading consuming my soul
The memories of earth fade away
Mankind can’t see that they’re close to the end
And fate is in their hand

Far beyond the stars
Into the never-ending night
Fly away search for life
On a journey to infinity
Far beyond the stars
Into another galaxy
As I’m searching for light
On a journey to a new dimension of hope

Come all unfaithful and see the fate of man
Come gaze upon the destruction of the world we knew
Come all unfaithful and see what we’ve become
We’re just an echo in our history that no one knows

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