Veonity – In the Void Lyrics


I took my leave into a blackened world
Where everything was unexplored
I closed my eyes with a hopeful mind
But woke up with agony inside

I opened my eyes nothing were in my sight
Drifting alone floating in pitch black dark

Losing my strength and my spirit
Was it my final mistake?
Putting my hope to technology
A hope invented by man
I’m heading for suns in the distance
Millions of light years away
Watching the stars and I pray
That in space I’ll find a way

Out there in the void
I unite myself with the stars of ancient hope
A hope to live again
In a kingdom frozen in time
Free from the madness and the chaos on earth
Flying like a newborn in the sky

Light years passed, all remained the same
Barren and lifeless the space lay
A burst of light in the starlit night
At last my life were to end

Life will always find you bringing light in the dark
The way you embrace it will define who you are
I’ll always remember when I lost my pain
Holding on forever to the heat of the flame

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