Vince Staples – Sleep Lyrics


Catch me on drunk line
Turn up and turn by
…on the backing and cream for a fuck life
To me honest only fuck twice
My dog check
Got the dog strights
Im glad they hate me, they aint love …
And change the last name
When they hear through the speakers man this niggas know Im mean it
…down to see me
The flows was see me, the hole its black cause youre in pain
…but we put the line in
Fuck your team you click what ever you saing
…hanging like nigga ..
Those nigga know me but fucking …
…close to the dark side so we can know you that we acting mutherfucking and show me
I told you fucking wife you can blow me nigga
I steel fuck you, fuck you, still fuck you
Still searching for East…
You never heard the hard play
Shot the blind …
The state its high, we might to drive my …
… last name …
I heard you wold-wold-wold and blaze-blaze
So when I cut you off consider …
You know thats all in a family tree

What can I say, I left my…
I hope you dont crash, you dont try to ..for it
The bitch fucking like, like I pay for
This young fishing it, sinking in that lake …
…so many …
Get a little exclusive bitch …

I pay for no attention, work harder on a TV show
I know you see the …
…. birth
Watch his big … in a horse
Yeah I kill my self
That could be an …
Baby turn the cameras off I try to …
Your bitch screaming like Im Santa Claus
…high and satelised me
This is alright….
First side at plane side
…see me diging in the long drive
Never gave a dollar to the paster
Hores can give a side my home with out the pasword
My pasword was make for those who last … safe to say you motherfucker know you like my …
Nigga call me ….
Never want to find me full spin …
Plase tell me what it is or what did they

Chasing bitches that probably never get, what ashem
Mean wile Ill be sitting in this critical…
Driking water in the rain with your daughter try to … for future refereses
You never seeing again
And if I could Ill explain this right here its the end

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