Project Music


(Wavy 808, you crazy)

Ah, let’s go
[Verse 1]

He was lost, but he found it

A boss was made off consignment

What’s a loss to a giant?

“How the fuck he get here?” The haters inquiring

By the month, I go designer

I like to stunt, I been a shiner

Look at my kicks, I’m in the finest

I sold splits for these diamonds

I’m stupid lit, but I’m private

I stay fly, I’m somethin’ like pilots

I’m on my shit without trying

I’m from the ‘jects, my nose was snotty

I go to pressin’, I’m not kindly

I been dressin’ since a minor

She obsessed with me, don’t mind her

My sex the best if I remind her

I used to step, but I’m retired

I am a vet, my rank is higher

I sip the lean ’til I get tired

I speak facts, I’m not a liar

I’m plugged with gas, I still supply ’em

She got my back, lil’ bae a rider

My strain is Runtz, this not no sour

My clip on Curtis, I shoot power

I dress for months, I am a styler

My mouth is gold, I did new diamonds

I stand on biz, I’m not a coward

We broke our cellies out the mountain

I’m really him, don’t need no vouch

I make a film, I catch a spouse

I give her dick, then send her off

Don’t have to talk, I’ve been a boss

I’m after bucks, don’t care ’bout clout

I pass out gifts, I’m Santa Claus

Been through the most, I paid the cost

Now I boast to piss ’em off

Inside the whip, I switch the lights

Launch mode, I’m peelin’ off

I do the dash, I duck the vice

I’m seein’ bright through city lights

Hundred rounds, no takin’ mine

I’m runnin’ through the stoplights

I’m really piped, this no lie

I’m rockin’ ice, I’m [?]


You know, it be like

Like, nigga, like, when some niggas speak, you gotta listen

Some niggas ain’t cappin’, like, some niggas tell you how it is

Like, before you get big, ’cause we out here[Verse 2]

SIG Sauer knock off limbs

I’m up to par, I’m comin’ trim

I am a star, but in the field

I’m too involved, this shit’ll scare you

Once I win, I’m not a failure

I used to sit in seats of pleasure

I had to trap in all the weathers

All that pain, it made me better

I was covered by the prayers[Outro]

You know I could keep going

Project Music, we in Virginia soon

Trap house