[Adlib intro]
(Ayy ayyUhh ayyAyy AyyUhh Ayy)Walkemdown

WalkemdownWalkemdownWalka walkaWalkemdownWalkemdownWalkemdownWalka WalkaWalkemdownWalkemdownWalkemdownWalka WalkaWalkemdownWalkemdown

WalkemdownImma drum a hunnid roundsTake her to the poundI jus bought her back into the cribYou know what I’m arousedImma hit that lil bitchFrom the back now she yo spouseWhat the fuck is you doinImma buss inside her mouthImma go getterI got bands hugh heffnerI’m just tryna do betterLook at dis shit I can’t let up

I can barley standImma pop 10 xansBuss on yaDo my lil danceImma be up up upInna dayUp inna up inna dayWidda brand new ak up-upon my lapLook how I jus did thatBrand new mac in the back of my backpackOk now piece by pieceRest in piece to everybodyTellem fonem eatin[Instrumental break]Cuz they deceaseeedEverybody around me finna tweakEverybody around me super geeked(geek geeked)Everybody around meee came out of the streetsSo for-for gotten in the pastImma have to run up onem beat all they assesI don’t give a fuck cuzYou smokin that malassesImma keep on runnin up (yuh yuh)The bag yuh and grab it (yuh)You can’t grasp itI got this shiImma take ahold (yuh yuh yuh)Bad lil bitchWell I’m really really finna blow ma load (yuh)Watch how does the earth it spins its spinnin cuz we’re grown imma really grow up inThis shit I’m finna blowBlow blow blowBigger than you could conceiveBad lil bitch he told you onceI told you rest in peaceThe fuck is you talm boutYou know this every week ( yuh yuh)Imma grind up inside of this shitIm finna speakEverything that comes to my mindI bet you can’t findWhat the fuck grimy thinkinBad lil bitch I thinkThatchu tweakinYou secretly blinkinEverytime I say a specific word (like hol up)Whas the word whas the wordYou I heard ofIn a hearse you make itFuckin worse causeYou could get clappedWhole hunnid shots to the backBrand new MacBrand new brand newSmith and Wesson mac 11Fuck it fuck it imma keep a weapon (grrrrrr fa)Tell me tell meWhat’s intentionsImma teach you lessonsYou gon wanna run upTake you out of my mentionsImma get it back up up rightThen after keep a reverendRed red red red Range Rover (yuh yuh)I told you before I ain’t evenSober imma getit up up upEveryday inside a cloverImma keep on pickin up this hoe rightAnd I blow herFrom the backMake it clapMake it clapMake it clap (hand clap)Make it clapMake it clapMake it clap (ass clap)Make it clapMake it clapMake it clap (ass clap)[Studio audio cut yea-]