We Started the Woop

When we call it out, you know what we doin’, it’s either turnin’ up or we shootin’

Nigga we the ones made it up, it’s already been proven

We the reason that the world woop, we started the Woop!

We started the Woop, mothafucka!

We started the Woop!Verse 1: OG Big Wy the General:When I say we started it, I mean that precisely

Not just me, the whole card that’s like me

A lotta niggas really don’t know what it mеan (nah), the type of shit to come wit’ it whеn you fuckin’ with the team (Nigga)

Salute to them niggas that’s been original Woops

June Dawg, B-Brazy, Len and Ma II

Lil’ Hawk, Lil’ Leak, G-Red and SP, and my Relly-SB Row D.O.G.!

It’s the gangsta when we call out, POP ’til we all out

The homies made it up, you gon’ respect what it’s all about!

Niggas with them bands, my niggas been provin’

Mad red form believe that’s Fly Woop’n

What no Instagram, in the streets we showed you

The only followers you have was niggas tryna smoke you

Salute to all the homies that put the Woop in

The homegirl Time Bomb, she put the SU in it!Chorus

Figg Newton: Huh, I do mine like this, I do mine like this, this!Verse 2: Figg Newton:First off, lemme get off for Bruce

Ain’t no fabricatin’ nigga we created the Woop

Ain’t talkin’ ’bout my life and what I say in the booth

But then, you can catch a fade and what I say the truth

You was raised off that Denvers slang, bang to my nigga shit

Yeah nigga let it bang [?] gon’ remember this

Let’s get high biaaatch, and How Deep Is Your Hood (hah!)

They let a fool but don’t acknowledge the Tree though

More than a word it’s a tradition to me though

Ask to clean it up, never cappin’ the B no

We started the Woop, nigga, that’s on the B, bro

Now, bet they can’t say that

Let a nigga lie I’mma slide up and fake that

Next nigga come woopin’ from Braze, we gon’ show up at yo’ show, Woop and rushin’ the stage, nigga!ChorusLike that, no like this, give it up, give it up, slide like this

Two step, slide like this, do the Blood walk, I do mine like this (x2)!We started the Woop!