Will Wright – Grace Falling lyrics

[capo 5]

D D2 D4 D
Verse 1:
Keep me from sleeping,
as I kneel before your altar
Wide awake I’m keeping,
don’t let me falter

Verse 2:
I feel as if I’m dreaming,
my thoughts are fixed upon You,
the Lord of Life is attending,
to pour out grace upon me

Let it pour down upon me,
Your grace falling softly,
It washes my sins away,
It draws me in closer.

D Bm G A
O sublime humility,
become my reality.
I kneel in adoration
of humble sublimation.
You have conquered sin and death,
So that I may live.

Verse 3:
Keep me awakening,
to arise to Your design,
Keep me strong in believing,
Shower me with grace divine.

Verse 4:
Your Love, alive, I’m seeing
the humble Bread of Life,
Comforting and strengthening,
Holy physician with Your knife.

You came, so that I may have life,
more abundantly than before

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