Wolfe Brothers – The Girl, The Bottle, The Memory Lyrics


Bet you are smoking ‘
Playing at your guitar
You’re singing all alone
You are dress up to the ‘ and so as I
So I page your favorite song

You said that the world goes wild I said let’s change that every night
Was kind of ‘I just messed up the ending
The girl, the bottle, the memory
Time came to settle down
By the house in a little time
So I’m working on the fire

A simple dream and a simple life
But I would be upside down
Cause I have many roads to write
You couldn’t stop me if you try
I could tell it started to regret me
The girl, the bottle, the memory
We all got dreams to change and lies to face
Baby you’ve got yours and I’ve got mine
Maybe in a different space and down to place
You might change your mind, change your mind
I look at the change of your last name
It kind ‘back in the game
And that’s a lot that we unsaid
You got a house in your home town
You got a men that sticks around
A baby waiting to be faith
I’m seeing all this smoking ‘playing at that guitar
Every night it comes right back to me
The girl, the bottle,
Another town, another song broken hearts
The love goes wrong
No we’re no done, the …don’t forget me
The girl, the bottle, the memory
Ooh the girl, the bottle, the memory
All the memory ooh yeah

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