Bitch suck my 12 inch

Baby I’m on full bliss

Make me bleed a little bit

In your brain like fentanyl

Take a shot

Late on the clock

Monster party oh my god

Take my heart and dance all night long

All night long


‘Till I’m gone


Now It’s the time to die

(Bitch suck my 12 inch)Babe gimme head please

While I’m on amphetamines

Girl you got some gory pics

I was tripping LSDI got a drug problem

Cuz I just take them

I can’t feel my face when

My heart is racing

I fly out to space and

Jump out a Maybach

I’m at a rave but

You’re in my basementSuper Emo naughty girl

Fuck me now I’ll drink your blood

Super emo bimbo whore

I just wanna overdoseYou’re my succubus

I’m your Lucifer

We’re going to Hell

All alone I cast a spell

I got twelve inch maybe it’s not too much

But for your dead body yeah it’s time to snuffBitches on me ‘cuz they know me

Every hoe wants my dick

Zombie party in da club

And I’m off the heroin

I feel like a necrophile

‘cuz my bitch is fresh to death

Take my wand to your hand

You know how to cast a spellDig me grave

I will never be the same

We are dying

Eat my flesh

She got drugs in her veins

Daddy please chop my nose

Baby never let me go

Your such a stupid slut

But I love you oh my godKill me like a whore

Slit my wrist at the party

Cut me

Show me sum love

Baby hurt me

I look so luxurious

And she told me that I’m hottie

I know why you hate me

‘cuz your girlfriend wanna fuck me

Scars everywhere

You will never feel my pain

Baby I’m a monster

And I wanna eat your brain

It’s a killing spree

I will take your life

Sacrifice my body

I wanna see my blood