Love or Hate

XYZ… can be all
We start out as friends

Joking around, teasin’ each other

Knowing we might end up torn apart

Should we even tryGetting close will blind us

Cause we share the same goal

But what good will that do us

It all messes up 우리의 마음을

Love or hate

Was this met to be, was it fate

Hate you I just can’t

But why do you act like this

Walking another way into the abyssWhat was I thinking I could never love you

Introducing myself yeah it’s our debut

Your leaving me finally phew!사랑 아니면 증오

Hate the you betray

Love or hate

Please don’t go away

Love or hate

I don’t even care what you say

Love or hateWe’re born to hate

Now we’re ‘posed to come together

It’s not me who’s still an objector

But it could be too lateOur friendship is destined to complicate

Is our new found bond something trivial

We can easily confiscate

We’ve 공통점에 마주해 협력했다 enemy

But 지금보고 I don’t think we can change our fate

To love or hate

Friendship like a two sided blade

Love or hate

Can’t be swayed내가 한 이 역하를 끝냈어

We have to do this for everyone else’s sake

What if it’s just one big mistake

Filled with worry and stress

가튼 dilemma이 직면하기

With only one solution to save millions사랑 아니면 증오

Hate the you betray

Love or hate

Please don’t go away

Love or hate

I don’t want you to say

Love or hate

Took your trap while you laid the baitThought you were at least a little bit decent

But we could never come to an agreement

Now you’re gone

It’s not like I was withdrawn

Cause I was there for you

Standing right by your side (for you)

I needed you (love, hate)

You betrayed me and thought you could come back

But that’s not how the story will track

Oooooo love or hate