Yankee Springs

(Spoken exposition)

Alright, let’s do it, let’s do one more song. Lets… Let’s lay it on thick! That’s what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna lay it on thick, it’s… This song is called, eh, Yankee Springs. Anybody ever been to Yankee Springs? Down there? [Gun] Lake? [Outta soul]? It’s a beautiful place, kinda hidden in there. It’s kinda where we, uh, It’s at the west side of the state, y’know, we’d go a little south. Mh. That’s where we grew up, uh, every winter we’d go in thе dead of snow and we’d hang out in this winter, this cabin, this cabin in thе middle of the woods, y’know? And it was all kinda based around music, so we’d have a musical weekend there. And it was literally, eh, I mean we’d be crawling on the floors kind of thing. And that’s kinda- we’d been brought up in that environment. We’d had no choice, we were born into it, it was a weird cult and I-

So this is our ode to Yankee Springs, Temp Gardener over there would know all about it. Carolyn Kiszka over there could tell ya somethin’

Oh sunshine on the mountain

Roll out thunder on the sea

Walkin’ around the old fashioned way

Doesn’t really seem to be the sameOh no

Oh Lady that’s my girl

Gonna take my [thought] and [turn] around the world

Always in my heart, my

Seems a [may bit] All the time[Oh, and Girl]

[If you can’t]Oh, sunshine on the mountain

Roll out thunder on the sea (Let me tell you [just] a little about it)

Always [talk] she’s so s-sweet

But she’s always walkin’!

On the wrong side of the street

Oh she’s sweet





Oh (Mamamamama)




Oo Yea

I’m a little bit cold beside my window

Lord, [Unintelligible] what you think

Did you [call yourself] the winter

Lord, it’s heavyYodelsThank you, we’re Greta Van Fleet