Yelawolf – Son of a Gun Lyrics

[Verse 1] I look in the mirror sometimes and think about how it all started
Small town Alabama, from city life we departed
Not a single light in the street, morning was scary and dark
To a little boy catching the bus to school 5:30 sharp
I used to make up songs to keep my mind from wandering
What was in the woods waiting for me, my stomach still rumbling
From the cereal diet
Even though mama was trying to do the best that she could
Alcohol made her violent
Her boyfriend was a prick, probably 26
Barley looked my direction and really didn’t do shit
My animosity grew along with my anger
And impatience disastrous school
My teachers knew i was trouble waiting
And I did too, admittedly but i like it
Maybe I had to accept I’d always be uninvited to church events
Football and family oriented stuff
But I never thought I had it rough
I embraced it honestly cause I knew how different I was
It made me a rebel and rebels made me feel welcomed and loved
I never knew my daddy but they said I was the same
What a shame get your umbrella Wayne
Here comes the heavy rain

[Chorus] Cause I’m the lighting to your storm
Dark blood stains after a dog fight
The tornado to your alarm
Your hangover after a long night
I’m the snake outta your barn
That one mistake you ever did right
The gunpowder to your drum
I’m your son
The son of a gun
Son of a gun (X3)

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