Young Spray – ‘Bout It Lyrics

[Verse 1] Body look thick and your face fine
Give me your number, what’s your FaceTime
Babes, let’s not waste time
There’s a lot I can do with that wasteline
DJ turn up the bassline
Soon you gonna hear that spray sighing
This is that, I raise crime
But I look after my son blud, I raise mine
From a London town with a London voice and a London sound
I’m a London King with a London crown
Enemies, yeah we gun them down
Can’t forget my prison niggas
When you lamb wrote, we had to listen niggas
Yeah I really miss them niggas
I was in the wing, suffering with them niggas
It’s the life we chose
Guns, money, drugs and hoes
Designer clothes
I’m still rocking Moschino
Percys, money, dros
Blue cheese, a hundred 0s
Next year, a hundred shows
Instagram; ready, pose

[Hook] x 2
GRE, I’m bout it
RTM to the world, I shout it
We lose, I doubt it, doubt it, doubt it

[Verse 2] In this UK Rap ting, I’m a pioneer
I’m British Airways, they’re Ryanair
Beware, there’s a lion here
Bite you off, leave you lying there
Light him off, leave him dying there
I don’t give a fuck if you was fighting fair
I’m on White Hart Lane in the wrong gear
Young Spray blud, I’m gone clear
Mr. RTM, Mr. EGA
You can have it the hard or the easy way
I am doing music cuh I’m mizzie made
Always recording music like Paigey Cake
With Wes in the fast lane
Tryna shot the rest of this rass caine
Still tryna make it past pain
Champagne spray, come we pass plane
Wh-wh-wh-what the bumbaclart
When the lightening strikes, it’s when the thunder starts
Cause you see the spark and then your hear the bark
But it’s RIP when from you cross the mark
I go fish cuh I be a shark
Shots way big and the teeth are sharp
I wear my sleeve with my heart
Bout it from the start

[Hook] x 4
GRE, I’m bout it
RTM to the world, I shout it
We lose, I doubt it, doubt it, doubt it

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