Yung Bless – First Lyrics



No I’m not the one to fuck around with, I’m insane
All you little fuckin niggas been hatin on my new name
It’s Yung Bless up in this bitch but I still don’t play no games
And I been a fucking threat to you mothafuckin lames

Boy you big fuckin weird
Get the fuck up outta here
Bitch I’m rubbin off the paint
Like I’m YBN Nahmir

$ilentboy$ is what you fear
We is coming we is near
Gon be rankin on the charts
You is watching call you peer

Ol’ weird ass bitch tryna call me on my phone
No lil bitch you can’t come over kuz I don’t know what you on
Plus I’m lowkey anti-social lil bitch leave me alone
I been in and out the house, I ain’t really ever home

I ain’t fuckin on that bitch
Yeah you heard me hoe
If you wanna meet up then we linkin at the corner store
Do not walk up on on me like you know me I don’t know you bro
Tryna be just like me but you just a fuckin phonie though

Plug is callin on my phone
Reup I need 20 mo
Workin til I’m fallin on this money that’s all on the floor
Get em out the fuckin door
Nigga I been out control
Bet you cannot catch me I been wildin way before the dough
I can’t see you bro
Where the fuck he go
Cannot see no mo
Blowin on the strong I been blinded by the fuckin smoke

I been writing
I been staying on my shit

Pussy nigga you don’t know me so you do not know my clique
3372 $ilentboy$ we the shit
When I say we blowin up, my nigga we makin hits

Now I’m back up on this flow that you niggas can’t seem to grasp
When it comes to all this rappin lil nigga you can’t last
I been runnin up some checks and bitch I bet they comin fast
While I’m endin up in first, you is endin up in last

Blowin dank
With lil Frank
Call him Speaks
That’s the name

Up in space
That’s the place
Stay unbothered
In my lane

And Rew_Hoe
Off the dome
Let it free
Let it go

If you fuckin with my family I’m gon let that shit blow


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