Yung Lean – Muddy Sea Lyrics

[Intro] Sad Boys
[*coughs*] Yung Sherman on the beat man, Yung Sherm

[Verse: 1] I don’t care about money so yeah I spend it quick
I’m a real life mannequin, get it then I dip
In a Percocet river I got gills like a fish
Look like they wanna kill me, but they can only wish
I hop by the whip, making rain in that fin
All this ice make you drip, she got blood on her lip
I got tired of that shit, so I erase my wish
Fuck being famous, I don’t need all that shit

[Hook] High! High! You high like me?
Why, why they stare at me? (Sad Boys)
Fly, fly! Get fly like me (like me)
Ride, ride! All time baby

[Verse: 2] Ravens guard that house
I just keep them within
You presume that you know me, you don’t know where I’ve been
Tree house of horror tryna’ heal from within
Everything is dusty but to me is still mint
Can’t trust myself, I keep changing the shit
Keep thinking back, but I don’t need what I miss
Aquarium of life inside my mind, this is trip (They good)
Much better, now I just don’t understand it

[Outro] I still love you to death, Louis V on my hip
Snakes around my house and my clocks don’t tick

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